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Dachuan Zhu


Dachuan Zhu Master’s Supervisor

Tel: +86-(0)28-85460830

Email: zhudachuan@scu.edu.cn, zdc89@163.com

Research Interests:

1 Rare Earth Doped Phosphors, SnO2 and ZnO Based Sensors

2ZnO based Varistors with High Voltage Gradient and TiO2 Based Dual Varistor-Capacitor ceramics

3Copper Alloys with High Conductivity and High Strength

4Titanium Alloys for Dental Application

Publication List:

1Xu, ShumianLiu, Sha-sha(Zhao, CongHan, TaoZhu, DachuanLuminescent properties of single-phase Ba2P2O7:Tb3+, R (R = Eu2+, Ce3+) phosphors for white LEDJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICSVol.28 (14), JUL 2017, 10061-10066

2Wang, Jin Shan; Zhu, Da-chuan; Zhao, Cong; The luminescent properties and crystal structure of Sr(1.5-x)-(1.5y)Mg0.5SiO4:xEu(2+),yCe(3+) blue phosphor synthesized by co-precipitation methodLUMINESCENCEVol. 32 (4), JUN 2017: 612-617

3Zhou, Chuan; Zhu, Dachuan; Wang, DajiSynthesis and Characterization of Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles Obtained by a Novel Soft Mechanochemical Method Combined with Sol-Gel Method NANOVol.12 (2): 2, FEB 2017

4Wang, Jin Shan; Zhu, Da-chuan; Zheng, Qi; Effect of flux on the composition and luminescent properties of Ca0.68Mg0.2SiO3:0.12Eu(3+) red phosphorJOURNAL OF LUMINESCENCEVol.179, NOV 2016, 183-188

5Xiang, Xu; Zhu, Dachuan; Wang, DajiEnhanced formaldehyde gas sensing properties of La-doped SnO2 nanoparticles prepared by ball-milling solid chemical reaction method JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICSVol. 27 7),JUL 20167425-7432

6Li, Yadong; Zhu, Dachuan; Xiang, Xu; Influence of Sm2O3 on electrical performance of (Nb, Si)-doped TiO2-based varistor JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICSVol.27 (4), APR 2016, 3355-3360

7Xu, ShumianLuo, LinlingZhao, CongHan, TaoZhu, DachuanThe effect of co-doping ions on the luminescence properties and energy transfer of Ba1.8-3x/2-y-zZnZLi0.4SiO4:xCe(3+),yMn(2+) phosphorsOPTIKVol.127 (24), 2016, 11886-11892

8Xu, ShumianTang, KeHan, TaoLuo, LinlingZhu, DachuanOPTIKVol.127 (4), 2016, 2370-2373

9Zhao, Cong; Zhu, Da-chuan; Tu, Ming-jingA novel near-ultraviolet (NUV) converting blue-violet Ca2-xAlMg0.5Si1.5O7:xCe(3+) phosphor for white light-emitting-diodes (w-LEDs) RSC ADVANCESVol. 6 (3), 2016, 2368-2373

10Zhao, Cong; Shu, Xin; Zhu, Da-chuanHigh visible light photocatalytic property of Co2+-doped TiO2 nanoparticles with mixed phasesSUPERLATTICES AND MICROSTRUCTURESVol. 88, DEC 2015, 32-42

11Zhao, Cong; Zhu, Da-chuan; Pu, YongThe effect of doping La3+ on structure and luminescent properties of Sr2SiO4:Eu2+ phosphors CERAMICS INTERNATIONALVol. 10, DEC 2015, 13341-13347

12Jiao, LinLi, MengZeng, TaoZhu, DachuanStudy on Corrosion Performance of Cu-Te-Se Alloys in a 3.5% Sodium Chloride SolutionJOURNAL OF MATERIALS ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCEVol. 24 (11), NOV 2015, 4333-4339

13Yang, Chen; Zhu, Dachuan; Zeng, TaoMicrostructure and Electrical Properties of La2O3 and Sm2O3 Co-doped ZnO-Based Varistor Ceramics Prepared From Nanosize ZnO Powder JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALSVol. 44 (8)AUG 2015 2651-2656

14Zhao Cong; Zhu Dachuan; Gao WeiEffect of doping Gd3+ on crystal structure and luminescent properties of Sr2SiO4:Eu2+ phosphorJOURNAL OF RARE EARTHSVol. 33 (7), JUL 2015, 693-699

15Xu Shumian; Tang Ke; Zhu Dachuan; Luminescence properties and energy transfer of Ba2Mg(PO4)(2):Eu2+, Mn2+ phosphor synthesized by co-precipitation method OPTICAL MATERIALSVol.42, APR 2015106-110

16Wang Daji; Zhu Dachuan; Li Huafeng; Tribological Properties of Muscovite/La2O3 Composite Powders as Lubricant AdditivesTRIBOLOGY TRANSACTIONSVol. 58 (4), 2015, 577-583

17Zhao, Cong; Zhu, Da-chuan; Gao, Wei; A near-ultraviolet (NUV) converting green-yellow Ca2AlMg0.5Si1.5O7:Eu2+ phosphor for white light-emitting-diodes (w-LEDs) CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNALVol.254 , OCT 15, 2014, 486-490

18Zeng, T.; Tang, K.; Zhu, D. Effect of solid solution and aging treatment on the microstructures and properties of hot-extruded Cu-Te-Li alloysOPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS-RAPID COMMUNICATIONSVol. 8 (5-6)MAY-JUN 2014 495-499


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