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Jinwen Ye


Jinwen Ye (Master’s Supervisor)

Title: Associate Professor


Email: yjw550@163.com

Research Interests: Vanadium titanium oxide Functional Material; Hard material; powder metallurgy Material

Part of Publication List:Mor than 50 SCI Paper

1.XiaoleiLi,YingLiu,ShiqingMa,JinwenYe*; XiaoyanZhang,GuangruiWang,YuchongQiu.The synthesis and gas sensitivity of the b-Ti3O5 powder: Experimental and DFT study[J]Journal of Alloys and Compounds,2015(649)939-948

2.Wang Guangrui; Liu Ying; Ye Jinwen*; Qiu Weibin.Synthesis, microstructural characterization and electrochemical performance of novel rod-like Ti4O7 powders[J]Journal of Alloys and Compounds,2017(704)18-25

3.Pengcheng Rong,YingLiu,JinwenYe*,QianCao,AnruiLiu.Synthesis of (Ti, W, Mo, Ta, Cr)(C, N) solid solution powders by carbothermal reduction-nitridation in an open system[J]Journal of Alloys and Compounds,2017(718)425-432

4.Qiu, YC ; Ye, JW*; Liu, Y ; Yang, XJ.Facile rapid synthesis of a nanocrystalline Cu2Te multi-phase transition material and its thermoelectric performance[J]RSC Advances, 2017(7)22558–22566

5.Hong Xie, Ying Liu, Jinwen Ye*.Effect of (Cr0.8V0.2)2(C,N) addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of WC–8Co cemented carbides[J]International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials,2014(47)145-149

6.Ye Jinwen; Wang Guangrui; Li Xiaolei,Liu Ying*.Temperature effect on electrochemical properties of Ti4O7electrodes prepared by spark plasma sintering[J]Journal of Material Science-Materials in electronics, 2015(26)4683-4690

7.Jinwen Ye,Ying Liu*.Preparation and electromagnetic wave absorption properties of Sm2O3/a-Fe/Sm2Fe17Nx composites[J]Journal of Material Science-Materials in electronics, 2013(335):32–35

8.Liu, Anrui; Liu, Ying; Ma, Shiqing; Qiu, Yuchong; Rong, Pengcheng; Ye, Jinwen*.Synthesis of (Cr,V)2(C,N) solid solution powders by thermal processing precursors[J]Materials Chemistry and Physics,2017(193)196-202

9.Qiu, Weibin; Liu, Ying; Ye, Jinwen*; Fan, Hanjie; Qiu, Yuchong.Effects of (Ti,Ta,Nb,W)(C,N) on the microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion behaviors of WC-Co cemented carbides[J]Ceramics International.2017(43)2918-2926

10.Guangrui Wang, Ying Liu, Jinwen Ye*, Weibin Qiu, Shingqing Ma, Xuguang An.Fabrication of rod-like Ti4O7 with high conductivity by molten salt synthesis[J]Materilas Letters,2017(186)361-363


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