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Wanxia Huang


Wanxia Huang  (Doctoral Supervisor)

Tel: +86-28-85405781,  +86-18602814781

Email: huangwanxia@126.com, huangwanxia@scu.edu.cn

· Research Interests: Nanostructured Materials & Thin Films, Materials in Terahertz Science and Technology, Electromagnetic Shielding Materials.

Publication List:

1. Fabrication of nanocrystalline lambda-Ti3O5 with tunable terahertz wave Transmission properties across a temperature induced phase transition, Journal of Materials Chemistry C2016.443):10279-10285.  (IF: 5.066

2. Giant phase transition properties at terahertz range in VO2 films deposited by sol–gel method, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2011, 3 (9)3523-3527.  ( IF:4.525)

3. Nanostructured VO2 film with high transparency and enhanced switching ratio in THz range, Applied Physics Letters ,20141047):0719031-5. ( IF:3.302)

4. Preparation and characterization of  λ-Ti3O5 by carbothermal reduction of TiO2 , Journal of Alloys and Compounds2014621404-410. ( IF: 3.014)

5. Ultrafast terahertz modulation characteristic of tungsten doped vanadium dioxide nanogranular film revealed by time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy, Applied Physics Letters2015,1073):0319061-5.( IF:3.142

6. Photoinduced active terahertz metamaterials with nanostructured vanadium dioxide film deposited by sol-gel method, Optics Express2014229):11070-11078.( IF: 3.148)

7. Stabilization of microcrystal λ -Ti 3O5 at room temperature by aluminum-ion doping, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS2017,111, 191902.IF:3.411

8. Freeze-drying induced nanocrystallization of VO 2 (M) with improved mid-infrared switching properties, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2017,728 , 1076-1082.IF:3.133


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