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Wei Li


Wei Li (Doctoral Supervisor)

Tel: +86-13980045071

Email: waylee2000@scu.edu.cn

Research Interests:

Basic research and development of high efficiency thin film solar cell;

Design, fabrication and application of new composite materials;

Preparation and photoelectric applications of low dimensional materials.

Publication List:

1. Can Wen, Zhe Zhu, Wei Li*, et al., Oxygen incorporation in wide band gap semiconductor ZnSe thin films, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2017, 718: 197-203.

2. Taowen Wang, Sheng Du, Wei Li*, et al., Control of Cu doping and CdTe/Te interface modification for CdTe solar cells, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 2017, 72: 46–51.

3. Ya Yang, Taowen Wang, Cai Liu**, Wei Li*, et al., Single-phase control of CuTe thin films for CdTe solar cells, Vacuum, 2017, 142 :181-185

4. Nan Tang, Qimin Hu, Aobo Ren, Wei Li*, et al. An approach to ZnTe:O intermediate-band photovoltaic materials, Solar Energy, 2017, 157: 707–712.

5. Songbai Hu, Zhe Zhu, WeiLi*, et al. Band diagram construction of CdTe/Sb2Te3 interface using synchrotron radiation, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 2015, 134: 329–333.

6. Rongzhe Tang, Zhouling Wang, Wei Li*, et al., Bi2Te3 thin fillms prepared by co-evaporation for CdTe thin film solar cells, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 2014, 121: 92–98.

7. Songbai Hu, Zhe Zhu, Wei Li*, et al., Band diagrams and performance of CdTe solar cells with a Sb2Te3 back contact buffer layer, AIP Advances, 2011,1:042152.

8. Hanke Xie, Caijuan Tian, Wei Li*, et al., Preparation of p-type CdS thin films and in situ dark conductivity in vacuum deposited CdS:Cu films, Applied Surface Science 257 (2010) 16231627.

9. Bin Lv, Xia Di, Wei Li*, et al., Preparation of Cu2Te Thin Films and Back-Contact Formation of CdTe Solar Cells, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2009, 48: 085501.

10. LI Wei, FENG LiangHuan, ZHANG JingQuan, WU LiLi, et al., Studies of key technologies for CdTe solar modules, Sci China Ser E-Tech Sci, 2008, 51:33-39.


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